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With the red and yellow one out of the way, I am rounding out the traffic light juices with this good old standby, the green smoothie. Out of the three this is definitely my favorite one.


It is insanely easy to make and with ingredients that I have on hand more often than not. I like it both with and without ginger. Sometimes I add spinach instead of kale. Both are really good. Sometimes I use a chard, spinach, kale mix. All very good.


1/4 bunch of kale

1 green apple, cored

1/2 pear cored and peeled

Half and inch of ginger (sometimes)

A glass of water and ice cubes

Blend in a high speed blender like a Vitamix or similar.

Mmmm, so good.


Here are all three juices - Red, green, yellow.


Posted by Katja Kromann

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