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My livingroom is having a moment with a 5 minute DIY succulent
Posted by Katja | Shift Ctrl ART
Categories: Crafts
I am over at Eclectically Vintage today. Check it out here. --- Here is a quick project. A forever succulent to add a bit of green to a tray under our TV. I love how these things come together so easily, and then add a little gree ...
Thrift Score Thursday
Posted by Katja | Shift Ctrl ART
Today I am guest hosting Thrift Score Thursday with Brynne from The Gathered Home and Trisha from Black and White Obsession. These lovely ladies are thrifting queens and they host a hashtag party every week on Instagram and Twitt ...
The patio transformation - before and after
Posted by Katja | Shift Ctrl ART
Welcome to our back yard. I want to take you back for a brief moment to the time when we bought our house and the patio looked like this. Then I will propel you forward at warp speed after that, so be ready. There might be some jo ...
Blog hop - ribbit
Posted by Katja | Shift Ctrl ART
You have arrived at my Blog Hop! Let me explain. I am pretty sure you are not interested in how I take my coffee (not a coffee drinker) or which song I sing along to on the radio (Bohemian Rhapsody gets me going every time), whic ...
DIY laptop bag - some felt, leather, floss and a wooden bead
Posted by Katja | Shift Ctrl ART
For the longest time I have just wrapped my laptop in a piece of gray felt and stuck it into my handbag. It wasn't very practical and the felt would frequently unwrap and leave the laptop screen exposed - I have one of those lapto ...
Homeschooling 6th grade
Posted by Katja | Shift Ctrl ART
Once a year, I write a little recap about our homeschooling year. We have been homeschooling for two and a half years now and we seem to have hit our groove. You can read about why we chose homeschooling in the middle of 4th grade ...
The kitchen pantry - 5 things your next pantry needs
Posted by Katja | Shift Ctrl ART
This is what our pantry looks like now that it is all done. This was one of those projects that was trailing behind the others because we could just close the door. It's so nice that we can now open it and find whatever we are lo ...
The kitchen pantry - before and demo
Posted by Katja | Shift Ctrl ART
Welcome to our old pantry. Well, our pantry door on the left there. This was our long blank wall in the kitchen before we remodeled it to take advantage of this unused space. One of the things we wanted to fix was the appearance o ...
July round-up and highlights
Posted by Katja | Shift Ctrl ART
What a month this has been. First up, let's take a look at all the things we did on the blog, then I will get to some other highlights of the month after that.Flamingo art made with Psykopaint - a free resourceThai curry cashew c ...
Thai curry cashew chicken casserole - paleo
Posted by Katja | Shift Ctrl ART
Have you seen all the organic and free range chicken that is popping up in the stores now? I just recently found good chicken at Whole Foods to make my rosemary lemon chicken nuggets, and then Sprouts started carrying it. Chicken ...
Fried cauliflower rice - and how to open a cauliflower in less than 2 seconds
Posted by Katja | Shift Ctrl ART
Fried cauliflower rice is fast becoming a staple in our house. It's one more great way to get more vegetables in and less grains/sugar. A couple of years ago, I learned how to open a cauliflower really quickly. I probably saw it ...
Master closet progress - paint and hardware installation
Posted by Katja | Shift Ctrl ART
This is what our closet looks like now. As you can see, lots of progress has been made since we last saw this space. Let's talk about it. Here is how we last left off things:We had just got done installing the first of four drawe ...
Great Finds: Stitch fix - a personal stylist sends you clothes
Posted by Katja | Shift Ctrl ART
I want to preface this post by saying it is not sponsored and Stitch Fix did not ask me to blog about it. I just like to pass along great finds. A couple of months ago a friend suggested I signed up for Stitch Fix to try it out. ...
Behind the design: mood board, fireplace wall and sources
Posted by Katja | Shift Ctrl ART
This drawing was the first thing I made after Ana and I decided to make over her living room together. She was at my Christmas party and had seen my laundry room make-over with the zig-zag wall and liked it. She is also a fan of t ...
Ana's Living room make-over - before and after
Posted by Katja | Shift Ctrl ART
My friend Ana recently bought a new house. She and her family have been looking for a while and then finally they found this gorgeous house in San Juan Capistrano, about half an hour from where I live. Here is Ana and her kids an ...
I love to tell a story with pictures and design, and I love to create new things or change old ones.

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